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Community Service Projects are managed by the Community Service Committee under the guidance of the Community Service Director.

Some projects involve raising funds and donating to organisations for a specific purpose, some are more "hands on".

Examples of Hands On projects are:

Rotary Sail into Life


Rotary Sail into Life is an organisation sponsored by Rotary to provide an opportunity for all to experience the pleasure of sailing. This organisation also has links to Sailability, class yacht racing and the Paralympics. The craft are designed for and can be handled by people of all ages and abilities. Sail into Life is wheelchair accessible. 

Bringing the fun and freedom of sailing to all Australians, Rotary Sail into Life - Mandurah is a combined initiative of the three Rotary Clubs of Mandurah, Western Australia, who together have raised funds to purchase a fleet of accessible sailing dinghys. These dinghys can be sailed by almost anyone regardless of their physical or mental ability.  Members of the Rotary Club of Mandurah City  provide hands on support to the weekend sailing activities at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club several times a year.

Kate's Kitchen - for Mandurah Soup Kitchen

Each week, club members bring non perishable food to the club and this is delivered to the Mandurah Soup Kitchen. In 2011-12,   11 boxes of food were donated for homeless and disadvantaged people.

Examples of donation projects this year are:
  • Cancer Council - by sponsoring the Mandurah Rotaract team - the Mandurins - in the Mandurah Relay for Life.
  • Australian Rotary Health Fund - which funds research into health matters.
  • Peel Health Foundation - contributiong towards a speciually equipped van for the Peel Mobile Health Service.  The fundraiser for this was the Mandurah Rotary Duck race.
  • Peel Passages drop in centre for homeless youth. - supported by Rotary and operated by St Vincent De Paul, Building on Davey Street Mandurah was generously donated by Jack Bendat.
  • Legacy - supporting families of services personnel.
  • Peel Bowling & Social Club - a club for disabled and abled people.
  • Princess Margaret Hospital for Children - Burns Unit.
In other years we have donated to bush fire and flood relief funds, wildlife rescue, women's refuge, mental health organisations, Rotary Cord Blood Bank, People Who Care.