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The Rotary Club of Mandurah City was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mandurah and was charted on the 19th April 1993.  We have had quite a turnover of members over those 20 years. However we should particularly remember those who have been our leaders.

Our Inaugural President was Bill Knight for 1993/4 and Bill has taken responsibility to organize our 20th Anniversary Celebrations. The Rotary theme for Bill’s year was “Believe in what you do. Do what you believe in”

Bill was followed by Tony Stephen 1994/5 when the Rotary theme was “Be a friend
Tony was an accountant, now well retired and a Rear Commodore of the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club.

In 1995/6 we had Jeni Taylor as President but she was not able to complete her year as her Real Estate business went into receivership. Brian Blakemore who was the President Elect found himself President earlier than he anticipated and he served to June 97. The 95/96 theme was “Act with integrity, serve with love, work for peace” and the 96/7 theme was “Build the future with action and vision” Brian was in Retail Hardware and is now in Bunbury running a recycling biusiness.

Brian was followed by Ross Hunt in 97/8 and the Rotary theme was “Show Rotary cares”. Ross had a car detailing business and I understand that today he is a partner in Secret Harbour Golf Club. That same year we had our own Australian RI President Glen Kinross from Queensland.

Don Pember (Member on Mandurah City Council and CEO of Coolibah Retirement Village) followed Ross in 98/9 with the theme “Follow the Rotary dream

In 1999/2000 our President was Glen Walton and the theme Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity”   Glen had a Cabinet Making business in Rafferty Road and now lives at Barragup.

In 2000/ 2001 our electrical contractor Ken Martin ably led our club and the RI theme was “Create awareness, take action”  (This was my year (David Oxley) as President of the Scarborough Club).  

2001/2 our President was Stephen Mewitt (now a member of Mandurah Rotary Club) with the classification Restaurateur and the theme that year was “Mankind is our business 

2002/3 was Rob West’s year and his theme “Sow the seeds of love”

2003/4 saw Gerry Gielingh as our great leader. The Rotary International theme could not have been more appropriate for Gerry. It was “Lend a hand”

Sharon Craig followed in 2004/5. Her theme was “Celebrate Rotary” and her greatest achievement during her year was the birth of Jasmine.

In 2005/6 Dave Weir was our President and the RI theme “Service above self”. Unfortunately Dave could not emulate Sharon. Tyler was born 4 months before he was inducted Kelsey came along 5 months after Dave concluded his year as President. 

Joan Thompson, the CEO of Peel Personnel - one of our special community projects - was our 2006/7 President and the RI theme was “Lead the way”

President Karen Chenoweth followed in Rotary Year 2007/8 and the RI theme was simply “Rotary shares”

2008/9 was Andrew (Nugget) Ralph’s year and his RI theme was   “Make Dreams Real”

For 2009/10 Rotary had the theme of “The future of Rotary is in your hands” and we were ably lead by our President Mike Kirke.

2010/11 had the theme of “Building Communities, Bridging Continents” and our enthusiastic Club President was Katie Payne.

In 2011/12 Mark Chenoweth became our 19th President but he had to take extended leave of absence and former  Past Presidents – Katie until the birth of baby Isabella , then Mike, and Andrew held the fort for the remainder of the year. The RI Theme that year was “Reach within to embrace Humanity

And so we come to our current year 2012/3 - where Colin Gilbert has been President and the RI theme is “Peace through Service”

We look forward to the new Rotary year 2013-14 with Sue Kirke as our President Elect with a theme of "Engage Rotary Save lives"